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Electron Pixel Soft

Electron Pixel Soft

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Speed: 2 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 0.5

Simon's new putter. We are very much looking forward to getting our hands on it.

The second disk in the SimonLine is officially here, the Electron Pixel! Pixel has a deep profile with a small bead, perfect for getting the full grip feel. Off the tee, the Pixel is a straight / stable flyer and will reliably hold any line it's thrown at with a minimal amount of fade. Don't let the slow speed fool you though - the Pixel can definitely go the distance, especially in the right wind conditions. On the putting green, whether you're in C1 or C2, the Pixel shines with just the right amount of glide to carry it right into the chains. The release of the Pixel also marks the debut of a new blend of electron plastics! With increased grip and stickiness across the board and a much softer compound, the Pixel is truly a culmination of MVP's and Simon's years of experience. The putter of choice for 7x Disc Golf Pro Tour winner Simon Lizotte, take your game to the next level with the Electron Pixel!

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MVP's innovative technology has made it so
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Targeted at the Consumer

Our prime goal is to accommodate
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About Our Company

We are dedicated to delivering cutting edge
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