Philip and Christian

It's us!

We have been looking forward to this. We have worked hard to make this project a reality. But when, like us, you have a burning passion for something, then anything can be done.
We have chosen to be a dealer for MVP and their sister company Axiom. One of the biggest factors for MVP products is due to the well-developed discs. They are clearly the discs most supported by science. At the same time, we think that these are the discs that we have the best grip on. It gives an experience of satisfaction when the disc flies out of the hand and flies to where it was intended.

With good humor and joy, we will do our best to spread the sport in Denmark. We have both been playing since 2021, when in the Corona era we had to find something exciting to do.

We play often, and since we are from the Aarhus area, we can often be found in Tilst, Skanderborg, Silkeborg and Malling. These are courses that have a lot to offer and we find it very exciting to try something different.

Here's a little about us and how we got hooked on the sport.

Philip (PDGA # 226649)

I love this sport. As a former QB in American football, there was a lot I could bring to this sport. In disc golf, it makes so much sense to me that I get out into nature, while at the same time I can play a sport where finesse and timing matter a lot.

Purely in terms of disc golf, I'm probably a bit of a power player. I started my career with ONLY drivers. Also as a putter. However, Christian told me that it might be that I should get a little more nuance in my game, and he showed me what a mid, fairway and putter could do. And I had to give in. And that way I found many new possibilities in the game.

In my bag:


Midrange :

Fairway drivers :

Driver :

Christian (PDGA# 237413)

I was drawn into this amazing sport by Philip. "I'm bored, do something with me" was what he said. After that he showed me some frisbees that should go in a basket and I was immediately bitten by it. Subsequently, I have to say that I feel bad if a week goes by without being able to get out into the woods and throw some discs.

I'm not a long distance thrower, but focus more on precision. That's why I often find great joy in midrange and fairway drivers, which I can control and get some better rounds on the disc golf course.

In my bag:

Electron Pixel
Eclipse Proxy

Neutron Hex
Neutron Uplink
Prism Proton Hex
Prism Neutron Pyro

Fairway drivers:
Neutron Crave
Neutron Volts
Neutron Terra
Proton Volt
Prism Neutron Trance

Remote Drivers:
Plasma Inertia
Neutron Fireball
Proton Inertia
Plasma Fireball
Neutron Zenith
Neutron Time-Lapse
neutron Wave
Neutron Tesla
Proton Fireball

You are always welcome to write to us if you have any questions about the discs we have in our bags. Then we must give as good an answer as possible. You are of course also welcome to ask about anything else.

Hope to see you on the courses around Denmark. Good luck!

Philip & Christian

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