Collection: Putt & Approach | MVP & AXIOM DISCS

Putter is an accurate but slower disc type. This type of disc is often used in the disc golf world to finish a hole, but it also has other uses such as making an approach to the disc golf curve or is used from the tee on shorter distances, due to its great control and precision.
Its lack of aerodynamics means that it lands very softly, i.e. it does not make a big skip along the ground, such as e.g. a driver.
A common frisbee golf player would be able to use a putter with a clear conscience when throwing up to 40-60 m.
Whether you prefer understable with higher turn numbers or overstable variants with higher fade numbers, our range of putters offers the perfect solution for every player.

Add them to your disc golf bag today and elevate your game to new heights.