Collection: Midrange Drivers | MVP & AXIOM DISCS

If you were to divide discs on a scale, midrange disc drivers would be in the middle between a putter and a distance driver.
This is the market's most varied disc type, as they can be used for many different purposes.

First, they can be controlled by anyone from children to professionals. This is because their strap is not wide and is often slightly rounder, which makes them easy to hold.
Next, you don't have to use too much brute force, but rather a cleaner throw to get them to fly the optimal distance. This is because they, being the market's widest disc, have a really good glide.

In addition, the different types of midrange disc golf drivers have very differentiated flight patterns. They can be used for everything from a completely straight throw, to fade directly to the left on release and others turn to the right.
So if you have to go through a narrow straight passage or around a tree, the midrange driver is often a solid bet for a disc and pull out of the disc golf bag.
Is there somewhere between 40-90m. to fairway disc golf basket, you can see midrange drivers as your best friend.