Ambassador for NewDisc, Jeppe

Jeppe Stage


PDGA #189619

We are proud to present Jeppe as our newest ambassador for NewDisc.


My name is Jeppe, I am 25 years old and have been playing dicgolf for just over 2 years. I work as a secondary school teacher at Lyngs Idrætsefterskole and in my spare time I do gymnastics and have been going to Rephold for several years.

After being introduced to disc golf by a friend one day, I have been uncontrollably obsessed with throwing flying saucers ever since.

I love going out in the woods and enjoying nature, geeking out about plastic, talking about angles, technology and everything in between.

I have been playing tunings for a little over a year, playing a few fairway cup divisions in 2022 and then I played the winter tour 22/23.

In 2023 I have played the entire fairway cup in MA3 and ended up winning the overall tournament. At the Amateur DM I ended up in 3rd place.

If I were to tell a little about my game, I'm probably what you call a "flat thrower". I like to throw the disc flat and let it do the work. However, I have also started to become better friends with the hyzer flippet. My bigger side is that I am good at throwing straight shots.

Favorite discs are clearly neutron Spin, neutron Hex and proton Crave.

In the bag


2x Logic
Neutron Proxy Soft
Neutron Spin
Cosmic Neutron Entropy
Soft Reko
Glow Reko
Soft Mountain
Zone OS


Neutron Pyro
Proton Pyro
Neutron Hex
Fission Hex
Eclipse Hex
Neutron Uplink Soft

Fairway driver

Neutron Crave
2x Proton Crave
Proton Insanity
Proton Tesla
Neutron Tesla
Neutron Resistor
Eclipse Resistor
Proton Fireball

Remote drivers

Proton Catalyst
Esp Force
Esp Venom

Also follow Jeppe on Instagram: @jeppestage